1885 Horse Tram Bylaws

Here is the company by-laws of the Metropolitan Tramway and Investment Company as proclaimed on the 18th June, 1885.

1. Every passenger shall enter or depart from a car by the hindermost or conductor's platform, and not otherwise.

2. No passenger shall smoke on the platforms or inside any car.

3. No passenger or other person shall, while travelling in or upon any car, play or perform upon any musical instrument.

4. A person in a state of intoxication shall not be allowed to enter or mount upon any car, and if any such person shall be found in or upon any car, he may be immediately removed by or under the direction of the conductor or any officer of the Company.

5. No person shall swear or use obscene or offensive language whilst in or upon or against any car, or wilfully interfere with the comfort of any passenger.

6. A person whose dress or clothing might in the opinion of the conductor of a car, soil or injure the dress or clothing of any passenger, or a person who in the opinion of the conductor might for any other reason be offensive to passengers, shall not be entitled to enter or remain in the interior of any car, and may be prevented from entering, and shall not enter the interior of any car after having been requested not to do so by the conductor; and if found in the interior of any car, shall on the request of the conductor forthwith leave the same.

7. Each passenger shall, on entering any car, or upon demand, pay to the conductor or other duly authorised officer of the Company, or (in the case of one-horse cars) deposit in the fare-box attached to the end of such car, in cash, or by tickets issued by and purchased from the Company, the fare legally demandable for the journey.

8. Each passenger shall show his ticket (if any) when required so to do to the conductor or any authorised servant of the Company, and shall also, when requested so to do, either deliver up his ticket or pay the fare legally demandable for the distance travelled over by such passenger.

9. No passenger or other person, not being a servant of the Company, shall be permitted to travel on the steps or platforms of any car, or stand either on the roof or in the interior or sit on the outside rail on the roof of any car.

10. No person except a passenger or intending passenger shall enter or mount any car, and no person shall hold on or hang on by or to any part of any car or travel therein otherwise than on a seat provided for passengers.

11. When any car contains the full number of passengers which it is computed to carry, no additional person shall enter, mount, or remain in or on any such car when warned by the conductor not to do so.

12. No person shall enter, mount, or leave, or attempt to enter, mount, or leave any Car whilst in motion.

13. No dog or other animal shall be allowed in or on any car except by permission of the conductor; and no person shall take a dog or other animal into any car after having been requested not to do so by the conductor. Any dog or other animal taken into or on any car in breach of this regulation shall be immediately removed by the person in charge of such dog or other animal from the car upon request by the conductor; and in default of compliance with such request, may be removed by or under the direction of the conductor.

14. No person shall wilfully obstruct or impede any officer or servant of the Company in the execution of his duty upon or in connection with any car or tramway of the Company.

15. The expression "conductor," when used in the By-laws, means and includes any officer or servant in the employment of the Company and having charge of a car.

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