Our Mission Statement

The Museum's Mission Statement is

  • Collect, preserve and display the style of Brisbane electric public street transport system from 1895 to 1969 and from 1969 onwards in a developing operating museum for the benefit of the public in a safe and welcoming environment.

  • The Brisbane Tramway Museum Society (BTMS) is striving to be a World Class Tramway Museum educating visitors in all aspects of the operation of Brisbane Trams. The BTMS operates to educate and demonstrate the operation of electrified public transport in the "As Was In Service" condition of the Brisbane Tram era.

The Museum's goals include

  • Financial stability of the museum and its operations.
  • Continuing high quality management, conservation and exhibition of the museum's collection.
  • Developing and expanding a committed membership.
  • Participation with kindred organisations and building links with other relevant agencies.
  • Develop Community involvement within the Museum.

The Brisbane Tramway Museum Society
ACN 009 793 604